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Orchidarium - Ripple
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Orchidarium - Ripple

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Species List

- Aerangis Fastuosa -
 - Bulbophyllum Hybrid (delitescens x hirundinis) -
- Cushion Moss -
- Sheet Moss - 
- Sphagnum Moss - 
- Reindeer Moss -

-Hair Cap Moss -


Mounted on Coral Skeleton


This terrarium is from my XL line. When closed it measures roughly 12" tall and 8" wide 

Everything within the terrarium is living, I do not use any fake or preserved plants. 

No two terrariums as alike they are a unique living piece of art, you will love watching it grow. They also make the perfect gift for the plant liver in your life or the person who is impossible to shop for. 

I send a detailed and personalized care booklet to help you better understand your terrarium as well as how to keep it healthy. I also encourage my customers to reach out with any questions or concern any time, I am always more than happy to help. 

Shipping an item like this is very difficult and expensive. 

If anything is broken upon arrival please email photos of the terrarium as well as the packaging as you received it to