Orchidarium Care Guide

Orchidarium & Terrarium Care Guide 
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Your terrarium is made up of multiple species of plants.
 Some of the plants are epiphytes, others are terrestrial and aquatic / semi aquatic. 
The cloche (glass dome) acts as a protective barrier keeping all of your humidity loving plants happy and healthy. 
Feel free to take the cloche off at times to observe and enjoy the living art. 
Just remember to give your terrarium a healthy spray down if you have the cloche off for an extended period of time. 
With time you will learn and grow alongside your terrarium, you will know when it needs water and notice new growth and eventually flowers! 
Place your terrarium in a bright room or under artificial growing lights NEVER place in direct sunlight. 
Choose a room that stays comfortable, never too hot (summer) or too cold (winter). 
Keep in mind that the orchids expect a temperature change between the summer and winter months to induce blooms! 
Water (mist) your terrarium roughly once a week the key is your terrarium should NEVER dry completely. 
When watering, try to direct a majority of the water to the base of orchids (roots) and semi aquatic plants. 
During winter months you can water SLIGHTlY less and remove fertilizer from your water. 
Use distilled water only. You can pick this up at any store in 1 gal juggs. 
Try to keep the bottom reservoir full or very damp with distilled water. This helps keep the ambient humidity high.
You can wipe off any condensation on the glass or leave it, this is up to you!
Mix the small bag of blue fertilizer with distilled water and use that to water with your sprayer. 
Fun Facts
There are over 28,000 species of orchid!
Many orchid species can live indefinitely as long as they are happy and healthy.
The orchidaceae family is one of the two largest families of flowering plants.
Thank you so much for your support, interest and love! 
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Remember don’t panic and never get down on yourself if something isn't working. 
Please reach out at any time with any questions. I am more than happy to help! 
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