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Aerangis Fastuosa

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Species Aerangis Fastuosa seedling mounted on wood disc 
The Fastuosa is an absolutely wonderful miniature orchid species
 & it is by far my favorite orchid species
The Fastuosa is hardy miniature that showcases brilliant star shaped flowers.
The Flowers are star shaped which is a signature of the Aerangis genus. In addition to the flower shape and color they are very large compared to the small size of the plant and give off a wonderful fragrance at night in order to attract their endemic pollinator which is the hawk moth.
The Aerangis genus is endemic to the islands of madagascar, meaning that is the only place in the world they grow naturally.
I recommend growing this species in Intermediate to warm temperatures (night 50-60 Fahrenheit) & (day 70 - 80 Fahrenheit)
Technically they are a shade loving plant but I grow mine in a bright light setting, they should never be exposed to direct sunlight. 
The fastuosa loves high humidity and prefers to stay damp but not soggy.