Loup and Rose

Aerangis Curnowiana (Punctata)

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Species Aerangis Curnowiana (Punctata) seedling mounted on wood disc or natural cork 
(You can leave a message to request the mount but I can not guarantee)

This is on of my favorite mini species. I don't have them often but rejoice when I do. 

An epiphyte with small speckled leaves, and large white / cream / pink flowers. 
Blooms in spring & summer on a short inflorescence 1-4 flowers.
Endemic to madagascar (highlands) 
I recommend growing in intermediate to warm temperatures 
(night 50-60 Fahrenheit) & (day 70 - 80 Fahrenheit)
These are shade lovers and should never be subject to direct sun. 
Good air circulation is important. 

High humidity and daily listings - should never stay dry for long 
Plant for-sale is a robust seedling & bloom size.