Papa New Guinea
Papa New Guinea
Papa New Guinea
Papa New Guinea
Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea

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Papa New Guinea - Available 


Porcelain Clay Body 




Multiple Orchid Species 

Multiple Moss Species 


New Guinea was inspired by my admiration for the emerald tree monitor and passion for orchid cultivation. I hope to capture the viewers imagination by bringing my monitor sculpture to life within a living & growing ecosystem which mirrors that of the animal's natural habitat. It was important that I capture the character and curious nature of the emerald tree monitor through gesture and placement. Each orchid species I have planted within this terrarium are carefully chosen as they are native to New Guinea. This creates a truly realistic moment for the viewer. With this piece as with many of my living art pieces, I hope to inspire others to take action and learn about our incredible rainforests & ecosystems.


This is a fully functioning terrarium with minimal upkeep. The entire work is custom built including the acrylic terrarium and wooden stand. This piece features a LED full spectrum grow light, misting system, fogging system and fan for airflow. 


If you would like to inquire about this work, a custom work or have any questions at all please reach out via email -